Focused Approach to Corporate Finance Advisory

How to Leverage a Focused Approach to Corporate Finance Advisory

We’re now on a focused approach to corporate finance advisory. We work with companies just like yours on organic productivity, strategic alternatives like mergers & acquisitions and investor relations.

When I first started ALIGNMT, it was a lo-fi weekly newsletter of business hacks, best practices and Q&As with executives and experts who I was fortunate enough to encounter in my daily life. We’ve grown up a lot since then; staying true to our persistent curiosity and unyielding desire to find the best corporate finance insights, solutions and experiences.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

When was the last time you truly enjoyed solving a persistent business problem? Truly solving a problem—discovering, dismantling, getting inspired.

Corporate finance was supposed to make business management more precise and effective. For many everyday tools, like accounting software, it has. Sell, spend, close the books, done. But in making the process all about the books, it lost much of the joy of discovering valuable new information.

You can truly continue to learn to enhance productivity and profitability. This is always great for business.

You may want to conduct a brand audit with an Alignment Map.

Finance is about the future, accounting is about the past.



Productivity & Profitability

In the few years since we started, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the differences between the status quo and making innovation a top priority. And the emotions that drive both. We see an opportunity for a corporate finance company to bring joy back to business as usual. And do it at scale with the ease of accounting systems and fast information we’ve all come to expect.

When we talk to executives, many share our concerns about the current state of business as usual. They want to improve their employee productivity and business profitability. Many aim to reach new heights, to transcend and transform.

But few platforms align with their values. Fewer still provide the ability to reach full potential.

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They are being asked to pay for more employees, battling unproductive cultural issues and onboarding woes with little recourse. All to often to the detriment of their productivity.

Business Strategy Alignment Model

That’s where ALIGNMT comes in.

This is the business strategy alignment definition. Our aim is to create an amazing corporate finance system that better serves both management and employees.

Ultimately creating a better customer experience is your goal. Together we can achieve these objectives.

Relevance & Authority

Evaluating and selecting the most innovative corporate finance innovations that meet our standards resonates with our audience.

We’re building an online innovative resource destination that will continue to evolve to meet executives’ needs so our innovation partners will thrive. We’re making a place that elevates our innovation partners’ identities.

Stakeholders will have more delightful opportunities to discover great businesses.

By assessing a company’s goals, resources, processes and analyses we can gain valuable insights on a viable strategy. Implementing the tactics that will take a business to the next level—the result is an alignment map.

Diverse Experience

Our team here at ALIGNMT has deep knowledge in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and investor relations. Our founder and Managing Director hails from Citigroup, where he served company owners as a valued M&A advisor. Helping to position companies to achieve maximum value by reorganizing, restructuring and realizing efficiencies is complicated.

Ultimately connecting a seller with the best buyer for its unique situation. We’re excited to innovate and are deep into our mission.

If you are an executive who’d like to discuss an innovation partnership, drop us a line at If you’re as excited as we are for a place to find innovative corporate finance solutions for your organic and strategic growth, sign up to join our growing subscriber base.

Big Ideas

It’s easy to get wrapped up in big ideas and forget about practical innovation—constantly improving the components of your business to help you make money. Cash flow is great for business and it’s really great when it’s time to sell your business.

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The right idea is one that lives at the intersection of customer appeal, feasibility and profitability. Finding that sweet spot is easier said than done.

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store.


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