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We are ALIGNMT – a leading provider of business consulting, analysis and outsourcing services. We are experts in strategy, finance and operations and are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Our clients rely on ALIGNMT to assess risk, support financial, investment and marketing decisions, and improve business performance in their daily operations.

As communications specialists with experience in M&A, disciplined corporate finance and investor relations, we leverage new media platforms to integrate and centralize.

7 Ways to Boost Investor Relations with Social Media

Boost Investor Relations with Social Media

Boost Investor Relations with Social Media

Standards & Expectations

  • The US institutional and retail investor market is well established with high information requirements and expectations of timeliness, accuracy and professionalism
  • It is critical for management of a public company to be prepared for the expectations of the market—they carry the responsibilities to fulfill Wall Street standards and expectations on any  exchange
  • Failure to prepare management with appropriate corporate documentation, presentations, press releases and other communications will translate to lack of analyst and buy-side support
  • Advanced preparation mitigates against lack of market support and grooms management for investor interaction

By focusing on the development of a company’s identity and the communication of strategic vision we build awareness, confidence and shareholder value. Our programs deliver measurable results across a wide variety of new, social and professional media platforms.

We’ve developed an integrated investor relations network leveraging progressive communication strategies integrated with social media to advance awareness, promote clarity and protect reputations. We’re passionate about helping up and coming companies tell their story.  Whether your company is already a market leader or has the potential to become one, we provide a complete range of strategic communications services that will enable you to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Keys to Financial Communications Success

  • Management commitment, involvement and support
  • Consistent and credible public reporting and communications – including social media
  • Clearly articulated, viable business strategy and competitive differentiation
  • Articulate, creative vision of the future
  • Open discussion of financial results and expectations
  • Frequent and regular contact with investment community
  • IR backup through proactive and creative communication strategy

Through continued contact with highly qualified companies, individual investors, fund managers and analysts we allow your management team to focus on your business at hand while we focus on gaining exposure for your company.

From small-cap growth companies to market leaders we offer a totally unique platform to connect companies, advisers and investors.




Our proven formula for success is based on our extensive investor relations experience, strong relationships with institutional investment professionals, investment bankers and analysts, and is embedded in our reliability, consistency and quality.

Our focused approach allows us to be a true partner to each client, as it gives us a tremendous amount of insight on the value and liquidity issues they face in economic and market environments.

Our capital markets interaction, deal experience and institutional presence position us to provide superior attention while we articulate the true opportunity in a company’s future value potential to the entire investor universe.

The time and resources needed to be effective with investor relations is certainly a challenge for public companies big and small. New social media channels are gaining huge traction for corporate communications and marketing segmentation. Companies of all sizes must integrate social media into their branding and marketing strategies. The same is true to manage an effective investor relations program – using social media creates a valuable inbound component to investor relations messaging.

7 Insightful Questions Investor Relations Must Answer

7 Insightful Questions Investor Relations Must Answer

7 Insightful Questions Investor Relations Must Answer

Our unique tools and experience enable us to effectively position our client companies within the institutional and retail investor universe to improve long-term stock support and prepare companies for future capitalization and liquidity success.

By expanding a company’s shareholder universe and positioning management within the investment community we enhance relations with shareholders and create transparency so the business plan and future goals are communicated with integrity and consistency.

Our goal is to identify and influence those issues that affect the price of a company’s stock though an ongoing managed process tailored to maximize investor exposure.


We understand and articulate your story. By clearly defining the company’s business strategy and developing a complementary investor relations strategy we articulate the value proposal while building awareness, confidence and value.

As part of our unique approach we invest all the time it takes to gain a thorough understanding of your organization and become an extension of your company. Our financial communications services include:

  • Investor Relations Strategy & Timeline
  • Corporate Communications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Company Positioning
  • Investor Presentations
  • Websites and collateral
  • Press releases & Blog Posts
  • Road Shows and Meetings
  • Financial Conferences
  • Analyst and Investor Days
  • Research and Analysis
  • Peer Valuation Analysis
  • Crisis Communications
  • Corporate Governance
  • Board Level Counsel
  • Value Thesis Positioning
  • Unified Messaging
  • Shareholder Reports

The objective is to maximize shareholder value by never neglecting your investors and meeting them on their turf with your story. Customize your financial market strategy to maximize favorable exposure to the vast investor universe by participating in industry events, conferences and publications, individual analyst and investor communications in addition to the single most important venue: social media.

Is Inbound Investor Relations right for you

Is Inbound Investor Relations right for you?

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