M&A Buy Side Engagement


Growth through Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

Identifying, contacting, building a rapport based on trust, confidentiality and professionalism is a challenge to say the least.  So how do acquisitive organizations, private equity groups and other buyers make it happen?  Let us do the heavy lifting.

Successful acquisitions are integral to establishing realistic goals, making informed decisions and weighting valuation versus future risks.  Our commitment to accuracy, shareholder support and value appreciation are unparalleled in the middle market.

The best decisions are borne from full disclosure and a comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards associated with the endeavor, the expected timing and the many possible outcomes.  To assist our clients in building this fundamental understanding of the M&A process, ALIGNMT offers a unique, specialized practice.

For the motivated, committed and informed buyers and sellers, an efficient preparation time makes sense to ensure quality information and participation of all qualified targets.  Moving to negotiations quickly enhances confidentiality and improves communication.

We engage in asset based transactions, not securities transactions in compliance with the SEC’s M&A Broker rules.


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