M&A Snapshot 2017

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M&A Snapshot 2017

Be Acquired, Don’t Be For Sale

If you want your business to be acquired by the best buyer at its maximum possible value, adopt these five vital principles

  1. Be Your Best – Button up every aspect of your business to build sustainable revenue growth and quality of earnings
  2. Understand Valuation – Gain expert knowledge of all the internal and external variables that are relevant to your business, industry and M&A environment, and know how they impact the value equation
  3. Exude Excellence – Present yourself with unquestionably professional, relevant and accurate materials that describe everything great about your business, its products, services, people and unique positioning for a great, profitable and meaningful future
  4. Take Charge – Run a tight process bringing the most relevant and viable buyers to the table and keep them on schedule with clear expectations, timely and precise communications and absolute confidentiality
  5. Decide – Make a truly informed decision, there’s no going back. The M&A process takes time, it’s complicated and requires extreme attention to details—it’s intended to result in a successful transaction for both parties. When a buyer invests their time and money to submit a viable acquisition offer, take it seriously. If you pass, it’s probably gone for good.


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