Organization Chart



Importance of the Organization Chart

A well designed organization structure promotes success.

An organization chart is a graphic portrayal of the company’s formal hierarchical system of authority and supervision

It provides a clear picture of responsibilities and reporting relationships within the company

This is Important for Every Business

The organization chart is used to analyze position supervisory and reporting relationships which are crucial in determining:

A position’s level within a class series

Whether a position meets the needs of the organization

Whether position affects other positions, providing interdependence and contributing to our collective organizational goals

Policies and Procedures are Equally Important

A current, complete and accurate organization chart is crucial and will significantly improve the efficiency, productivity and success of our company and our employees

By establishing and enforcing policies and procedures our team will have visible expectations and be equipped with the tools to successfully achieve results

Policies and procedures provide management with review parameters to ensure employees are adequately equipped to achieve and exceed expectations


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