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ALIGNMT Analysts apply research & analysis to project management and quantitative analytic skills to help our clients collect data, analyze data, and communicate results to decision-makers. Projects may include data organization and management, data analysis, interpretation and discussion of results with research teams, auditing data quality, preparation of draft documents and presentations, interacting with clients, coordinating research staff, monitoring project budgets and timelines, and other research support as needed.

Our Research & Analysis services lead businesses to solutions that put them on the pathway to best outcomes, ones that help gain short-term success, while achieving long-term objectives.

We do this by using facts to drive outcomes. Taking this approach, we help businesses capture performance improvement regardless of the service delivery approach by providing:

  • Research, collect, aggregate, and review data from a diversity of sources
  • Prepare proposals and reports for, and participate in, presentations to stakeholders
  • Document and revise business processes
  • Model bond issues, interest rate swaps, and break-even calculations
  • Identify opportunities through maintenance of databases and preparation of financial analyses
  • Undertake special projects as requested


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