Take Our Strategy Survey

Take Our Strategy Survey

Interested in improving business performance this year? Want to get more out of everyone on your team? Want to give your employees the opportunity to excel at their jobs and develop the value of their contributions to your company? This is one of the functions of strategy – to continuously develop an organization to excel at its business. But it’s complicated and no two companies are the same, equally no two strategies are the same. If you want some insights that can help improve your strategy take our strategy survey and get our guide to designing and developing your strategy.

We are asking C-Suite executives, the professionals that advise them and investors that back them to take our strategy survey to uncover what the leading pain points are for 2018.

Welcome to your Strategy Survey

How often does your team collaborate to establish and update tangible business objectives for your organization?

Do you address segmented levels of organizational strategy into (i) corporate, (ii) business and (iii) functional elements?

Do your employees know who's responsible for what?

Do you adequately equip your staff to achieve their objectives?

Do you lead by example?

Are your internal processes adequate to achieve your objectives?

Do you have functioning accountability measures in place?

Are your employees rewarded for improving their skills and developing their careers?

Will you implement innovative change in your corporate, business and/or functional strategy this year?



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