2 things so many love to hate

2 Things So Many Love to Hate

We meet a lot of business owners with plenty of ideas about how they believe their businesses should be. And there are two poignant characteristics that set them apart, two things they love to hate:

  1. The way things are
  2. Change

Our primary goal when getting to know a business owner is to ascertain whether this is the case. If it is, we can’t help.

If it’s not, if the person is a realist, we probably can help. After all, its their way of doing things that led to the way things are. If you are a business owner that wants a different reality, its going to take doing things differently, perhaps dramatically. This is called change. It can be hard to manage, but more of what doesn’t work doesn’t work.

So it’s time for change?

Great. First ask yourself what’s causing the disconnect on your current path. Are the goals you set out to achieve reasonable; i.e. are your expectations in line, or out of whack? Is the strategy you implemented optimal or flawed? Did you have contingency plans in place? Did unforeseen challenges derail benchmark progress? Is your team staffed with ample talent to cover everything? Do you know what you don’t know?

Business is a journey. Along the way you face many challenges. Don’t take avoidable risks. Don’t go it alone.

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