The success of your business depends on relationships. You connect people with the things that solve a problem for them. Your customers rely on you to relieve a pain point. They buy from you because they know, like and trust your brand and the value you provide. You have a relationship with them.

Similarly, you rely on people to help you solve problems and relieve pain points. At some point you are going to face a unique situation in your business that you aren’t quite sure what to do about it. This could be a good thing, like being approached by a buyer for your business. Or it could be a bad thing like suffering cash flow issues. The good news is there are ways to make the most of these unique situations. It just takes experience, skills and perspective that most companies don’t have in-house. And shouldn’t.

For exercises like annual or larger scale planning, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process reviews, business valuation, strategic alternatives or any other management level tool honing, you shouldn’t rely on in-house staff. They won’t have the skills, experience or perspective to provide objective, current or effective solutions that truly work for the developing landscape that impacts your business and organization.

Remember, a part of every day for your entire in house organization is playing politics. Politics is the enemy of facts and merit based management. Using a qualified, objective outside firm to help you with financial management tools, processes and analytics is the best way to insure good data, information and insights.

I don’t mean having an outside attorney and accountant though. Neither of these professions is proficient in corporate finance.

What I would like to do is introduce ALIGNMT (pronounced “alignment”) to you and I would like to develop a relationship with you as your go-to corporate finance resource. Leveraging outside corporate finance consulting is the smartest move any company can make. We deliver all of your financial management, mergers and acquisitions and investor relations needs. Whatever your business challenges you with, we can provide analytical perspective to overcome any obstacle. Let’s talk. We are available at your convenience.

Do you think of business as risky? Do you take chances in business to make progress? Do these risks bare any similarity to sky diving? Yes, jumping out of an airplane. So here’s my question for you:

Who packs your financial management parachute?

You rely on information to make critical business decisions every day. You trust your people to give you this information. And you trust it’s accurate. Is it? There’s always a deeper layer to the simulation that has yet to be revealed. like Oz behind the curtain, things are different than what we are told.

Together we can validate anything you want

The business landscape has been forever changed by the COVID pandemic. The work landscape has taken on its own evolution to adapt to the remote environment. We’ve figured out how to get more done by leveraging technology and adapting to new ways of management, productivity and task organization.

What comes next as we get back together in person will incorporate needed outsourced talent. Some expertise should be handled by outsiders who focus on specific work and only need data to perform their functions.

Think about it. In times of transition businesses need specialized experts to bridge the gap, to create new systems and set more effective reporting and communication formats.

We’re committed to the long game and have helped a variety of companies during the past year and a half assess their situations, design and implement new systems to welcome the future. If you’re open to it I’d like to get to know how your business has addressed its unique challenges. Having the right resources at the ready could be a game changer for you.

Growth depends on taking risks. The better you understand the risks involved with implementing new ideas, the more likely you will profit from them. This demands you consider those factors that will impact your future. So why do so many organizations avoid disciplined financial planning & analysis in their ongoing operations?

Having a competitive Income Statement and Balance Sheet relative to your industry, your competitors, your peers is what I mean by achieving Finance/Market Fit.

The way to communicate effectively with all your stakeholders: Partners, BoDs, Investors, Lenders, etc. involves (1) fact, (2) impact and (3) takeaway. It looks like this:

2021 challenged all of us in ways we didn’t expect. Some of the challenges we faced enabled us to expand our horizons and grow, while others forced us to admit defeat and take our lumps. Either way we are on our way into 2022, doing things in new ways.

Whether we chose improvement over status quo, or we’re forced to due to external factors, we have tremendous opportunities to make more with less than we did in the past. We’re human, we’re always evolving and becoming stronger.

2022 is ripe with opportunities for your organization, along with tons of other businesses. Leveraging disciplined corporate finance is the platform to identify goals, devise plans to achieve these goals and measure performance. It’s a data driven method to improve productivity and profitability. I’d love to show you how.

No matter the application, disciplined corporate finance will improve:

  • Financial Performance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investor Relations

You can access all of our free resources by signing in to your account. We have a blog, forums, mergers & acquisitions newsinbound investor relations resources and a shop with a number of free models and templates. And if you are looking for financial performance, business valuation, operating metrics and news for your industry, we’ve got that too.

Disciplined corporate finance is your path to achieving finance / market fit.

As we continue on into 2021 I wanted to reach out to see if scheduling a call to discuss your annual priorities and strategy planning for the rest of the year as it relates to your business productivity and profitability strategy makes sense. ALIGNMT has a ton of proprietary tools to drive efficiencies for businesses of any size and shape, especially in this remote environment. If this is a timely conversation here is a link to my calendar to coordinate a call.

The value of making informed business decisions is priceless. Growth depends on taking chances. The better you understand the risks involved with trying new ideas, the more likely you will profit from them. So why do so many companies avoid disciplined financial planning & analysis (FP&A) in their operations? Moreover, why do so many companies limit their financial perspective to accounting for making critical business decisions that affect the future?

Accounting is about the past; Finance is about the future

Don’t get me wrong, accounting is important. You must keep track of your financial activities. But technically accounting is more about tax code compliance than business management tactics. Every business must continue to invest in its operations to grow. But revenue is only part of the growth picture. Productivity and profitability are key to sustainability. Sustainability enables a company to navigate uncertainty by carefully managing both the income statement and the balance sheet.

Every business must continue to invest in its operations to grow. But revenue is only part of the growth picture. Productivity and profitability are key to sustainability. Sustainability enables a company to navigate uncertainty by carefully managing both the income statement and the balance sheet.

Profound shifts in supply and demand have led to major impacts to the way we do business. Revenue and profit trends are way off course for many businesses. Organization charts are also really different for so many businesses as they have had to reduce staff to survival team levels. So how does your business move forward with growth initiatives and strategic goals?

Business depends on relationships

Profound shifts in the corporate landscape have led to a rise in independent consultants and boutique firms in place of large traditional consulting firms. In recent months, independent consulting is attracting more experienced professionals than ever.

How does this impact your business? Organizations of all types have more affordable outsourcing options than ever to augment survival teams with experienced, professional and dedicated support. You have access to innovative and creative individuals that can help you navigate the impacts to your industry vertical.

We’ve seen organizations take advantage of outsourcing important functions in a number of ways.

It’s time to define your vision and goals for the remainder of the year. Envisioning what you would like your business to achieve in 3-5 years can feel daunting.

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