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Ian Shanno has 20 years of experience advising client executives in driving change efforts within growth and competitive strategy, margin and performance improvement, mergers and acquisitions, and financial communications. Before founding ALIGNMT, he was the co-founder of an Investor Relations agency, a managing director within two boutique corporate finance and M&A advisory groups, a VP at McGladrey Capital Markets and an AVP at Citigroup Global Markets.


Mr. Shanno’s work with clients focuses on driving measurable improvement in market positioning, financial results, product and service quality and community benefit through sustainable transformation and transactions. He is a thought leader and frequent speaker on building value through progressive strategy, finance and operations design.


Mr. Shanno has served diverse organizations across myriad industries including Healthcare, Technology, SaaS, Transportation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Business Services. He also has experience in structuring and working within partnerships, having helped design effective joint ventures, mergers and collaborations.

It's all within reach. The four OKR superpowers:
1) Focus
2) Align
3) Track
4) Stretch
#alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

When we put effort toward something and immediately receive positive results, our energy is reinforced. We become disciplined when we see results and when we trust those results. #alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

Success is more than just how hard someone works. A lot of people work hard. Picking the right things to work on, and doing them well is a more likely path to results. #alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

The more you try to avoid something, the more you see it everywhere. The more you try to grip a fist full of dry sand, the faster it slips through your fingers. #alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

The work you end up doing is almost never Plan A; it's Plan B, what you naturally reverted to when force wasn't enough for results. #alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

No business plan will ever succeed with a flawed business model. Find what works, don't try to force what doesn't work. #alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

Successful people don't keep throwing efforts at dead ends. They also don't try to force what's nonviable, ineffective or just not working out. They work to achieve results. #alignmentmap https://t.co/1TaYgjHCR7

Procrastination is a subconscious attempt to avoid unpleasant emotions stirred up by the talks we’re meant to be doing. #alignmentmap https://t.co/zduDz78hKH

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