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Managing Director


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Ian Shanno has 20 years of experience advising client executives in driving change efforts within growth and competitive strategy, performance and margin improvement, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations. Before founding ALIGNMT, he was the co-founder of an investor relations agency, a managing director within two boutique corporate finance and M&A advisory groups, a VP at McGladrey Capital Markets and an AVP at Citigroup Global Markets.


Mr. Shanno’s work with clients focuses on driving measurable improvement in market positioning, financial results, product and service quality and community benefit through sustainable transformation and transactions. He is a thought leader and frequent speaker on building value through progressive strategy, finance and operations design.


Mr. Shanno has served diverse organizations across myriad industries including Healthcare, Technology, SaaS, Transportation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Business Services. He also has experience in structuring and working within partnerships, having helped design effective joint ventures, mergers and collaborations.

By assessing your goals, resources, processes and analyses you can gain valuable insights on your strategy and the tactics that will take you to the next level—the result is an Alignment Map. https://buff.ly/2CmIoLQ

Why is effective communication so important? So we can avoid mistakes and make progress. We’re all in this together. https://buff.ly/2CmIoLQ

One thing is certain. The trend of the post Covid-19 economy will be a re-concentration of resources—capital, skills, and infrastructure—into the hands of entrepreneurs able to serve the evolving business environment. What is your best next step? https://buff.ly/2CmIoLQ

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is more painful than staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. An Alignment Map is a great tool to help you manage the growth curve and come out ahead. https://buff.ly/2CmIoLQ

Your ability to leverage digital communication will determine your ability to improve your business as we navigate through the pandemic. I don’t mean just using more email and video conferencing. It’s going to take a whole new approach. https://buff.ly/2CmIoLQ

Content is good, conversation is essential. Your brand must exude trust, safety and reliability to build long lasting relationships with your stakeholders. Conversation requires listening. Connect your stakeholders and they’ll remember you, your brand. https://buff.ly/2CmIoLQ

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