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I have 20+ years of experience advising client executives in driving change efforts within growth and competitive strategy, performance and margin improvement, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations. Before founding ALIGNMT, I was the co-founder of an investor relations agency, a managing director within two boutique corporate finance and M&A advisory groups, a VP at McGladrey Capital Markets and an AVP at Citigroup Global Markets.


My work with clients focuses on driving measurable improvement in market positioning, financial results, product and service quality and community benefit through sustainable transformation and transactions. I’m a frequent blogger and speaker on building value through progressive strategy, finance and operations design.


Mr. Shanno has served diverse organizations across myriad industries including Healthcare, Technology, SaaS, Transportation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Business Services. He also has experience in structuring and working within partnerships, having helped design effective joint ventures, mergers and collaborations.

I’ve found that the alignment map’s value is two-fold. First, it provides a solid visualization of everything you have on your plate and the relative complexity of each initiative. https://buff.ly/2GSOp35

Stoicism holds that all persons - apparently by virtue of common experience since innateness is not stressed - have a certain basic set of ideas in common. How do you share your common ideas? https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

Do you have the ability to see obstacles for what they really are? The ingenuity to tackle them, and the will to endure a new reality with the problem solved? https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

What you focus on grows. If you dwell on what's holding you back, it will persist. If you get to the core of what's holding you back, you can move past it. https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your business is the same. Don’t pretend your weak links don’t exist or that something or someone can make up for the liability. https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

In order to establish a memorable brand identity, you should address all of the issues identified during the alignment map process. https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

While a brand audit can show you the real picture of your current position, it is useless if you don’t devise a strategy to overcome the highlighted issues. https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

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