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I have 20+ years of experience advising client executives in driving change efforts within growth and competitive strategy, performance and margin improvement, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations. Before founding ALIGNMT, I was the co-founder of an investor relations agency, a managing director within two boutique corporate finance and M&A advisory groups, a VP at McGladrey Capital Markets and an AVP at Citigroup Global Markets.


My work with clients focuses on driving measurable improvement in market positioning, financial results, product and service quality and community benefit through sustainable transformation and transactions. I’m a frequent blogger and speaker on building value through progressive strategy, finance and operations design.


Mr. Shanno has served diverse organizations across myriad industries including Healthcare, Technology, SaaS, Transportation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Business Services. He also has experience in structuring and working within partnerships, having helped design effective joint ventures, mergers and collaborations.

An efficient M&A process means each prospective buyer receives the same information in the same time frame and is informed of the M&A sale process guidelines and time frame. https://buff.ly/2JXFBb6

There are a number of reasons the CIM is a critical tool in any M&A process. 1st, it gives a seller the opportunity to present their company in its best light. 2nd, it saves buyers a ton of time assembling the relevant data, information and background . https://buff.ly/2JXFBb6

The one and only way to establish business value in a sell-side M&A process is to communicate your value proposition in a long-form book called a Confidential Information Memorandum. https://buff.ly/2JXFBb6

Buyers choose the strategic growth option (acquire a business rather than build it) to create value. They will always be looking for synergies and opportunities to cut costs by eliminating repetitive processes and positions. https://buff.ly/2JXFBb6

The value of a business varies from month to month, from buyer to buyer. Another fact: buyers will not consider an asking price. Your question: how to establish business value in the M&A sale process? https://buff.ly/2JXFBb6

If you have thought about selling your business you need to understand the business valuation spectrum. Specifically, you need to establish business value from the perspective of a buyer. Selling an operating business is unlike selling any other asset. https://buff.ly/2JXFBb6

I’ve found that the alignment map’s value is two-fold. First, it provides a solid visualization of everything you have on your plate and the relative complexity of each initiative. https://buff.ly/2GSOp35

As important as it is to have a clear path to success, few executives stay on top of all the granular details that construct their big picture strategy. Fewer still actively measure how their own micro successes and failures impact future opportunities. https://buff.ly/2HeBtFh

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