Traditional Investor Relations

Traditional Investor Relations May Be Convenient

Traditional Investor Relations is interruptive and Executive-centric. The traditional method of investor relations may be convenient to Executive management because they can push messages to the market whenever they want. Even when investors aren’t paying attention or want to read the press release. But it’s not such a great experience for investors. If it’s not a great experience for investors, what makes Executive management believe it’ll work? Traditional Investor Relations may be convenient, but inbound investor relations is about the investor.

Inbound investor relations flips this model on its head

So what is inbound all about? Inbound is a fundamental shift in the way we do investor relations. Instead of that old interruption based message, where Executive management had all the control, inbound is about empowering potential investors. Instead of interrupting people with random, possibly out of context press releases, they could create an investor relations blog that the market would look forward to reading. Instead of paying to attend investor conferences, they could create useful videos to present financial communications available to anyone interested, so that prospective investors can contact them when they want more information. Inbound investor relations is investor relations focused on getting found by investors. Its investor focused. It’s helpful. Wouldn’t you prefer to invest in a company that’s focused on its investors, instead of itself?

Wouldn’t you prefer to invest in a company that’s focused on its investors, instead of itself?

You’ve probably come across other public companies practicing inbound investor relations. It’s that problem solving blog post that shows up at the top of the search engine. It’s the new solution. Inbound investor relations is about being a part of the conversation. Being a part of that conversation means sharing relevant, helpful information about your company’s business performance. It’s about drawing investors in. That’s why it’s called inbound.

In today’s world investors have all that power

Think about the process you went through the last time you made an investment. Did you read a press release and make the buy? Or did you hop online and do some research? I’d be willing to bet you did the latter.

It’s time for you to support that investor relations process. It’s time for you to join in and empower investors to make the right decisions for themselves.

So how do you actually do inbound investor relations?

Start Your Inbound IR

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