Investor Presentation Need a Refresh

When was the last time you overhauled your investor presentation? I mean the entire deck. The format, style, content and takeaway. If you have investors ongoing communication is both a responsibility and an opportunity, whether you are privately held or public. This is the 1 reason you need a great investor presentation: investors.

The responsibility is keeping your current investors up to date on how things are going. The opportunity is to build more interest in your journey, attracting new investors and boosting your business valuation. The thing is you have to tell your story really well with an amazing investor presentation.

What do your investors think about the state of your latest investor presentation?

Investors may think you need a new investor presentation

I am an investor. I invest in public companies and in private companies. My investment strategy varies in many ways depending on the stage of a business’ life cycle, its market presence and whether it’s public or private. But my expectations of management don’t differ. Like most investors I want management to inform me what’s going on in the business. Whether or not the plan is coming together. I like to see a high quality investor presentation. Which means it needs to be relevant and current. Does your investor presentation need a serious refresh?

I know what I need to see from management to give me the confidence to invest in them. Yes, it’s the team that investors back. Not the product or service the brand represents. The brand matters—it matters a lot—but it’s what management does with it that matters more. Results are a huge driver in building a convincing case for strong value. So what acumen do I look for in management?

First and foremost all communication needs to be based in fact. Especially business communication. Effective communication effectively addresses the following three components:

  1. Fact
  2. Impact
  3. Takeaway

Value is built when results are achieved through precise execution of well-designed Strategy, measured against Financial expectations and repeated again and again by excellent Operations people and processes. Tell me about these things.

What a company is worth is a function of a lot of moving parts and is always perceived through confidence in future success. And nobody knows what the future will hold.


The building blocks of your story are facts. They are simple, concrete and objective. They are reference points that enable revenue.


As your journey unfolds, facts will develop and impact all of the other facts that define your business, your company. One example: financial results. Every day you are in business you make decisions that impact your financial condition either positively or negatively.

You decide to invest cash in a variety of things: assets, expenses and risks. This impacts your financial condition as reflected on your balance sheet.

You generate revenue that impacts every other line item on your income statement. Your revenue may have direct costs that impact your gross profit and margin. You have fixed and variable expenses that impact your EBITDA. You may have depreciation and/or amortization that impact your EBIT. You may have debt and pay taxes that impact your Net Income.

Every fact and it’s respective impact to your condition, status and fitness matters. Why? Because it helps you and your stakeholders determine takeaway.


Takeaway is the soft stuff; the subjective thoughts; the opinion. It’s the belief that your facts are having a positive impact on your ability to generate (1) sustainable revenue growth and (2) quality of earnings into the foreseeable future. The takeaway from a fact and its impact on your journey should inspire investors to join and support you as you create something that doesn’t exist.

Perception of Value

I reiterate, a business’ value is determined by confidence in the future. Two unknowns. So how do you convey your command of everything that matters in your business and build investor confidence in your ability to see the future and be a big part of it?

You write an excellent Investor Presentation. You demonstrate knowledge and broad strategic vision. You sell the vision at 30,000 feet, convincing otherwise skeptical adults that something they didn’t believe could be true is likely to come true. At the same time you dive down into every excruciating detail of the business with understanding and credibility.

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You do this by telling a story, and telling it with enthusiasm. You need to be amazing at communicating why people—investors, customers, prospective hires—should care about whatever it is you are building.

Great storytelling can be your most powerful tool for disseminating and scaling your vision. Stay focused on what you’re building. The numbers don’t lie. If your vision is working, investors will pay attention.

Your perception is also a huge function of branding and marketing. If this also needs a refresh, reach out to Alignment Media.

Having long-term investor support is essential to building lasting shareholder value through economic ups and downs.

Investors often focus on financial and other metrics that differ from those most common to the CFO for internal Financial Planning & Analysis, so it’s important for the CFO to address the business measures investors want to track in a way that is meaningful and relevant. Investors and analysts willing to invest their valuable time discussing how, and why, they look at a business like yours in the way they do is extremely valuable to you. Listen carefully to what they want to know and deliver. It’ll help you build a stronger business.

Your investor presentation, in fact your entire investor relations program, can be as excellent, exciting and inspiring as you like. Or you can stick with the status quo and wonder why more investors aren’t joining your cause.


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