Inbound Investor Relations

Ring In the New Year with an Inbound Investor Relations Game Plan

Start with an inbound investor relations game plan to engage investors. They need to know, like and trust you to stick with you long-term. How are investors going to get to know your business? What are they going to like about how you run it? How are you going to build trust along the way as you execute your business plan?

With inbound investor relations.

  • An inbound investor relations plan should be a living, breathing program that incorporates management / investor engagement across multiple communication platforms and evolves with changing circumstances
  • Inbound investor relations is about the investor
  • The first step is defining your level of engagement with investors, who can then help you map out a further course of action with information that’s important to them – remember: for investors to support you over the long-term they need to know your business and understand its value drivers, like the way you are running it and trust that you will succeed in the long-run

For investors to support you over the long-term they need to know your business and understand its value drivers, like the way you are running it and trust that you will succeed in the long-run

It is now the time to start thinking about what you can do to get your investor relations affairs in order for the coming year. The turn of the year is typically a time of reflection and planning to right areas that you may have let go astray in the previous year. Paying attention to your investors is a good idea no matter which way the market goes.

Implementing an inbound investor relations plan is a top financial priority you should resolve to address early this year. This vital item could have a tremendous impact on your company’s financial future, and for years to come.

The coming year should be used to design, develop and implement a relevant inbound investor relations plan. Think about the amount of time and all the money you spent last year on traditional investor relations agency and publication service fees, all to get sporadic press releases out that nobody even read. Did you invest more in your investor relations agency or your actual investor relations? Your agency likely won this battle, not your investors.

Now is a great time to fix this problem by putting your investors first. The best part about it? Done well, you’ll save money and increase your exposure to investors at the same time.

Think beyond the passive press release

So what is inbound all about? Inbound is a fundamental shift in the way we do investor relations. Instead of that old interruption based message, where Executive management had all the control, inbound is about empowering potential investors. Rather than interrupting people with random, possibly out of context press releases, they could create an investor relations blog that the market would look forward to reading. Instead of paying to attend investor conferences, they could create useful videos to present financial communications available to anyone interested, so that prospective investors can contact them when they want more information. Inbound investor relations is investor relations focused on getting found by investors. Its investor focused. It’s helpful. Wouldn’t you prefer to invest in a company that’s focused on its investors, instead of itself?

Creating an inbound investor relations plan: The 6-step process

In most cases putting an inbound investor relations plan together and reviewing your progress along the way can consume a good deal of your time. Utilizing an inbound investor relations platform can help you get started. Monitoring results over time to make improvements may take more expert help than you have in house.

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You’ve probably come across other public companies practicing inbound investor relations. It’s that problem solving blog post that shows up at the top of the search engine. It’s the new solution. Inbound investor relations is about being a part of the conversation. Being a part of that conversation means sharing relevant, helpful information about your company’s business performance. It’s about drawing investors in. That’s why it’s called inbound. Here are the six steps:

  1. Analyze and evaluate your current investor relations content
  2. Establish and define the breadth and depth of your desired distribution program
  3. Plan out your editorial calendar with topics and headlines
  4. Develop and present content recommendations as a program rollout
  5. Implement recommenations
  6. Monitor engagement progress

This process is a comprehensive overview of what an inbound investor relations plan entails, and we cannot express enough the importance of step 6. You cannot develop a plan without monitoring and adjusting it as needed over time. This is too important, and you should not wait another year. Start on the path to building yours today.

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