Investor relations are important to you and your investors. It’s a partnership, a growth plan and a long-term commitment to create value together. So how do you improve communications while remaining focused on your demanding business responsibilities? Investor relations can be a very time consuming activity as investors want up to date information direct from executive management.

This is where ALIGNMT comes in.

Incorporating leading social media channels into your investor relations program is expected today. Press releases and traditional sponsored investor conferences are okay, but what are you doing to maximize your exposure and promote your value proposition in today’s technology enabled mobile world? Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook continue to proliferate our professional lives because they simplify communication. ALIGNMT’s social network provides an integrated and dedicated, secure professional communication platform connecting companies, investors and advisers leveraging interactive social media.

ALIGNMT is a free subscription for companies, investors and advisers to connect on all aspects of financial communications and investor relations, to open discussions and share media including investor presentations, press releases, audio and video.

It’s the fastest growing investor relations social network around, and will grow even faster with you on board. It’s the easiest way to get and stay connected with the people and companies you follow and work with. No more searching for old emails, leaving voicemail and hoping to connect when you like. The beauty of ALIGNMT is all communication is secure in your account, ready for you on your schedule.

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