Your investor relations message should communicate your company’s objectives and performance, business strategy, operations controls and risk management proficiency.

A well managed investor relations program will deliver tangible results as the key element driving your business communications. Lack of information creates uncertainty, often negatively impacting the stock price.

The sole purpose of your investor relations program is a direct means to inform existing and potential investors of the value proposition and your long-term growth potential. Tell us how you plan to achieve sustainable revenue growth and quality of earnings. This matters.

This is an essential communications function for a company to educate the investment community, shape investor perception and increase buy-side trading volume. Your investor relations program is an indirect means to impact shareholder value.

Having a clear understanding of what your investor relations program needs to achieve is key to success. By setting your investor relations goals you should ensure that you have a solid strategy to successfully deliver what investors want communications to address while avoiding the common mistakes executives often make and addressing the keys to successful investor relations.

Your unique situation must be approached with a custom tailored program addressing both the tangible and intangible objectives. Your network and distribution channels should maximize analyst coverage, help to develop and maintain a balanced investor base while increasing institutional awareness and improving trading volume.

The tools, channels, frequency and consistency of your investor communications are also important. Be consistent, surprises cause problems.

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