Investor Presentation Outline



Investor Presentation Outline

There are any number of reasons to communicate with investors. You’ve either got them or you want them. Whether you are raising money or already have investors, writing an effective investor presentation is paramount to attracting and maintaining credibility. Credibility is paramount to investor support. No matter your situation, effective communication is the only investor relations strategy for you. Follow our investor presentation outline to make sure you address relevant investor questions.

The single most important message for you to get across consistently, in all your communications, is your fundamental difference maker.

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Every investor presentation will have unique content relative to the business it describes. Nevertheless there are a number of consistent categories that every investor expects to see in your investor presentation slides, including:

  1. Company, purpose, mission and history
  2. Problem or “pain” explained in a way that let’s the audience feel the pain of the problem
  3. Technology and product solution
  4. Competitive landscape
  5. Market opportunity and strategy
  6. Business model
  7. Financial situation

If you’d like an investor presentation template to work with you can find one here.

Following an effective investor presentation outline can significantly improve your ability to present the relevant facts to investors. That’s not all. You will need to present the facts in a meaningful sequence that tells the story of your business. Remember, the writer’s job is to keep the reader reading. Be interesting, be factual and lead the audience to a meaningful conclusion.

Here’s a preview of what our investor presentation outline looks like:

ALIGNMT Investor Presentation Outline Preview

The above example is only a preview. Our Investor Presentation Outline is a complete checklist of information you should consider including in your investor presentation. If you have any questions about preparing an effective investor presentation drop us a line or submit this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

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Remember to always remain compliant with SEC regulations and any exchange compliance rules with all communications pertaining to investors.


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