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Insanity has been described as the impulse to keep doing the same thing over and over again in the hope of getting a different result. Innovation, in contrast, is applying a minuscule, ingenious twist to the exact same thing in order to achieve a better outcome. The true definition of creativity is knowing how to inject just the right amount of madness into a process so that you attain your goal. This is the purpose of your alignment map.

This is the purpose of your alignment map

As important as it is to have a clear path to success, few executives stay on top of all the granular details that construct their big picture strategy. Fewer still actively assess developments in their industry and measure how their own micro successes and failures impact future opportunities by following an alignment map. Executive teams often have one or two principles in mind that they believe to be universally true regarding the demand for their products or services and ignore the rest of the landscape. They often disregard critical analytical considerations, trading brevity for efficiency. Over time this can cause irreversible isolation with damaging consequences.

Here’s a look at what it involves:


Alignment Map




So how do you keep your strategy on track and keep your products/services, organization and financial management disciplined, fit and aligned?

Look for room for improvement by preparing an alignment map. To transform your business you must align every component with your long-term business strategy to build lasting value.




Want some perspective on the areas in your business that are doing well? How about finding room for improvement?

After all, don’t you want to build all the value you possibly can?

Maximizing cash flow is great for business, it’s great for you and it’s particularly great for building value when it’s time to be acquired. Business valuation is the primary goal for all entrepreneurs and management teams. Maximizing that value is the goal of every business owner when they decide it’s time to sell. This is the importance of the business valuation spectrum: there are a number of approaches to business valuation.

The fair market value of a business is the price a willing buyer will pay a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction where both parties are duly informed of the relevant facts.

ALIGNMT’s Alignment Map is a comprehensive process where we dig in to all things Strategy, Finance and Operations to highlight Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats so you can focus on building value from the inside out. We help executive teams pinpoint precise ways to maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability by diving deep into the following topics:

  • Stage of business life cycle
  • Defensible competitive advantages
  • Size and growth potential in markets served
  • Market share
  • Diversity and stability of revenue
  • Quality and depth of management team
  • Brand recognition and reputation
  • Barriers to entry
  • Type and quality of assets
  • Financial condition and ability to provide for ongoing capital requirements
  • Ability to generate free cash flow and/or pay dividends
  • Economic conditions in industry and financial environment

The benefits of our Alignment Map will give you unique insights and guidance to build tangible value in your business. Learn how to:

  • Button up every aspect of your business to build sustainable revenue growth and quality of earnings
  • Gain expert knowledge of all the internal and external variables that are relevant to your business, industry and M&A environment, and know how they impact the value equation
  • Present yourself with unquestionably professional, relevant and accurate materials that describe everything great about your business, its products, services, people and unique positioning for a great, profitable and meaningful future

When it’s time for strategic alternatives involving an M&A process, we will also show you how to:

  • Run a tight process bringing the most relevant and viable buyers to the table and keep them on schedule with clear expectations, timely and precise communications and absolute confidentiality
  • Make a truly informed decision, there’s no going back. The M&A process takes time, it’s complicated and requires extreme attention to details—it’s intended to result in a successful transaction for both parties. When a buyer invests their time and money to submit a viable acquisition offer, take it seriously. If you pass, it’s probably gone for good.

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