Business Valuation



Business Valuation

How much is your business worth?  What a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to.  So how do you determine an accurate business valuation?

Our valuation services include fundamentally sound financial, economic and market driven approaches to accurately establish achievable value expectations.  Our Business Valuation is a meticulous yet comprehensive evaluation report custom prepared for private and public companies alike.  The VQA identifies company specific value enhancing factors, industry wide benchmarks and trends, and financial and economic perspectives on valuation and risk considerations.  This mission-critical analysis is purpose built to identify financial and capitalization opportunities, in addition to incorporating the inherent characteristics of the many sources of financing alternatives into the future growth outlook.

Our evaluation begins with a thorough examination of your company’s operations, management and organization structure, financial history, market position and future financial outlook.  The core objective of the report is to inform management and shareholders as to the Company’s true market value, relative to comparable investment opportunities, by highlighting the potential return on investment given industry specific valuation parameters and risk tolerance.  We identify & provide support for the true value of the investment opportunity by pulling together the following components:

  • Detailed business description
  • Business & industry analysis
  • Historic & future financial analysis
  • Valuation analysis
  • Recommendations & strategy

Preparing management for key growth phases, while identifying what the Company is qualified to achieve, is integral to establishing realistic goals, making informed decisions and achieving value enhancing benchmarks.  Our commitment to accuracy, shareholder support and value appreciation are unparalleled in the middle market.

Our professional expertise and experience in private placement financing, debt structuring, public offerings, mergers, acquisitions and other buyouts provide our business valuation clients with thorough, prudent and objective accounts of fairness and valuation conclusions on financial transactions and practices of virtually all types including:

  • Transaction Analysis
  • Equity & Enterprise Valuation
  • Leverage Analysis
  • Capital Structure/Solvency Analysis
  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • Financing & Funding
  • Minority & Majority Interest Control Transactions
  • Divestitures, Spin-Offs & Carve-Outs

Our professionals are expert at forensic accounting, economic analysis, industry analysis, financial advisory, and merger & acquisition due diligence.  Serving as the foundation of our rigorous analyses and reasoned opinions is our diversified assembly of experienced professionals and highly experienced industry research team. We use the most accurate and relevant data sources like CapitalIQ to ensure our research is timely and accurate.

In the absence of effective public supply and demand driven markets we employ analytic techniques to determine fair market value.  Combining the key elements of value and fairness determination we incorporate company specific elements, market and economic factors and industry trends to highlight similarities and differences to comparable transactions and events.


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