Fractional Chief Financial Officer



Fractional Chief Financial Officer

A Fractional Chief Financial Officer can play a major role in helping validate many types of data so your entire organization can make informed decisions that drive sustainable revenue growth and quality of earnings. When your organization doesn’t have this critical resource, or your CFO is under staffed, business can really suffer. ALIGNMT helps with substantially every responsibility of this role so your business can keep on growing, making informed financial decisions without taking avoidable risks.

Business is a journey. Don’t take avoidable risks. Don’t go it alone.

You realize the biggest key to business success is building a solid leadership team that brings a mix of experience, expertise and creativity. Well, management excellence requires more than any one individual can provide, and it takes time, money and repetition to become efficient and productive.  And remember, we learn from our mistakes. Because of these challenges most companies find that their finance staff aren’t quite able to handle the demands of ongoing daily and future profit and liquidity management. Particularly when there are changes happening within the business. That’s where a Fractional Chief Financial Officer can help boost efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Growth, contraction and evolution are situations that happen to every business. Being prepared and being able to manage the financial implications of change are capabilities we help with.

If you’re not sure where to begin, how to validate and address the priority snags or identify and implement viable solutions we should talk about how a Fractional Chief Financial Officer can help. Companies rely on us to assess risk, support financial, investment and operational decisions and improve performance in their daily operations.

More Business leaders today are turning to providers of Fractional Chief Financial Officer consulting services to help them improve financial management, boost profitability and increase shareholder value. Many of these companies lack the requisite financial expertise in-house to achieve important goals like these, and hiring an outsourced CFO services provider often enables them to reach the next level of growth.

Every company needs disciplined financial management to ensure its long-term viability in so many aspects:

  • Monthly closing and all financial reporting including internal metric development and reporting
  • Direct all budgeting, forecasting, finance, and cash management functions
  • Create internal management, board-level and shareholder presentations including; budgets, forecasts, and actual vs. target financials and KPI reporting
  • Own and drive the financial planning and modeling
  • Actively identify opportunities and collaborate with mangers to implement actions to increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Supervision of current and future financial, legal, administrative, and human resources staff; driving employee focused processes, enabling promotions and growth from within
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with regards to tax collection, customs, etc.
  • Engage in thought leadership for add-on acquisitions and associated financing. Team player and mentor for other managers/employees in a very fast paced environment


ALIGNMT Chief Financial Office Support

Building Meaningful Value

The CFO is responsible for leading your company’s financial strategy, risk management and accounting functions. We help direct your company’s financial planning and accounting practices as well as its relationship with lending institutions and the financial community by performing the following duties directly or through your managers. ALIGNMT has the experience to lead and mentor a growing organization and build meaningful value, we:

  • Work with your management team to establish financial and strategic goals for the organization, financing and investing strategies and policies for the organization to meet specific business objectives and legal, regulatory and securities reporting requirements.
  • Develop long-range financial planning and policies, accounting practices and procedures and lead your organization’s relationships with financial institutions and company departments.
  • Oversee all aspects of financial planning and reporting including the controller function, accounting, treasury, and tax to ensure compliance with financial reporting standard, parent company requirements and regulatory compliance.
  • Oversee and direct financial operations to include financial policy, budgeting, audit, tax, accounting, and other long range forecasting, as well as insurance activities for the company.
  • Establish and communicate high performance standards, define clear accountability, and lead by adopting improvement increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Support your Controller in providing and directing procedures to maintain proper records and to ensure adequate accounting controls and services.
  • Direct the funds, securities, and assets of the organization.
  • Appraise your organization’s financial position and issues periodic reports on your organization’s financial stability, liquidity, and growth.
  • Coordinate tax reporting programs and related activities.
  • Analyze, consolidate and direct all cost accounting procedures together with other statistical and routine reports.
  • Support the preparation of financial analysis of acquisition opportunities.
  • Oversee and direct the preparation and issuance of your corporation’s annual report.
  • Analyze operational issues impacting functional groups and the whole institution, and determine their financial impact, as required.
  • Executive oversight of in-house legal activities, including Master Service Agreements and Confidential and Non-Disclosure Agreements and other pertinent legal documents, with oversight of yor company’s in-house and external legal advisers.
  • Embody your cultural values and aligns daily actions with department goals and company culture.


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